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Ex Fiscal Federal

Ex Fiscal del Estado de Texas

Si ha sido arrestado o acusado de un delito, necesita un abogado defensor que sepa exactamente cómo funciona el sistema judicial. El abogado Jorge Vela pasó siete años como fiscal federal y estatal en Texas. Jorge, un abogado litigante dedicado, adquirió conocimientos internos sobre asuntos penales complejos.


Ahora, como abogado defensor, está usando ese conocimiento para luchar por las personas acusadas de un delito. Si usted o un ser querido ha sido acusado de un delito, comuníquese con la oficina legal de Jorge Vela para una consulta gratuita.

Jorge Law, Jorge Vela Will Fight for You

Jorge Law has the experience and knowledge to battle the court systems to get you the most favorable outcome, no matter how serious your case. With strong, active listening skills and determination, Vela has proven his legal expertise repeatedly, and will do the same for you. His scope of practice includes both federal and state crimes experience.

Federal Crimes Vs. State Crimes

Most crimes are state crimes, which are the crimes handled by county, sheriff's, local police officers, and state agents. Examples of state crimes include drug possession, sexual assault, battery, and driving while under the influence (DWI).

Federal crimes comprise the US government or one of its entities. A crime where a person crosses state lines or includes criminal wrongdoings in multiple states classifies as a federal crime. Additionally, immigration charges result in federal charges.

On the other hand, fraud, money laundering, and conspiracy could fall under either category, depending on the case. For instance, if you fraudulently file for Medicare benefits, that would be considered a federal crime. In rare cases, a charge could fall under both classifications.

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Whether you're facing state or federal charges, Jorge Vela won't let you go it alone. He and his team are ready to stand by you. Contact Jorge Law today, serving Austin, Texas, and the nearby region at (512) 537-1237 for a consultation.